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To the new fanciers, welcome to the beautiful sport of Pigeon Racing!

Performance Bloodline

Be on the lookout for good performing pigeons. Once you know you have them, stick to breeding them with other good performing pigeons, to ensure future generations of quality.

Few Good Pigeons

If you are new in the sport, you do not necessarily have to buy a large quantity of pigeons. Instead, invest in a few, but very high quality birds! That is your safest and fastest way to success.

Good Health

Keep your racing pigeons healthy at all times of the year, not just for the racing and breeding seasons. An unhealthy loft will not produce champions, regardless of their original quality.

Our Loft Location, Indiana USA

From now on, all our breeders will be DNA tested, in the same lab as Ganus’.
Furthermore, every 2017 youngster (and younger), will be DNA tested before they go on the market.

You all know about the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race...
So, Don’t Stumble in The Jungle!

If you are planning to be in this game, then make sure to check out our tremendous African family!

My Racing Pigeon Story

Hello everyone!

My name is Tim Lucas and I would like to welcome you to my website, and thank you for visiting. Here is a bit about me, and my start in the sport.

I started out with Rollers as a young kid, but like many others, I didn't keep my pigeons as a young adult. Time flies, and in my early thirties I began to think about pigeons again, so I contacted Harold Lamons. That was around 20 years ago, and at that time, Harold was a good friend of Mike Ganus, who possessed GFL birds.

So, I began to buy pigeons from Harold, and honestly, those were very good birds. In addition to that, Harold also taught me the ins and outs of the sport, and I began to enter races with my local club. In the first two years, I won 14 out of 20 races, the ‘Champion Birds’ and ‘Champion Loft’ awards, and pretty much everything else there was to win.

Then, things began to get a little twisted! I moved, got divorced, and unfortunately, left the sport for a bit. Eventually, things reset to what they used to be, and it was time to return to my pigeons once again.

I have run my own tree business for the past 30 years quite successfully, so that has allowed me now to purchase some of the best pigeons in the country. I have been back in the sport for 3 years now, and most of these very good pigeons I have recently purchased came from the distinguished Mike Ganus. My loft, Champ Camp Racing Loft, is located only 2 hours from Ganus Family Loft. Since I have been visiting Mike so often, I feel as if no one knows Mike Ganus and his birds better than I do.

I have been purchasing GFL's best for 20 years now, and I personally have been selecting every single one. I am trying to work with only a select few of the best bloodlines out there. Several sons and daughters of the great Mona Lisa are in our breeding loft, including her 2 best sons: Einstein and Wing Man. Furthermore, I breed from the direct children of... Read More

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